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Garage Door Pulley Kit


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Garage Door Pulley Kit

Pulley kit for extension spring garage doors.

3″ Heavy Duty Pulleys

Pulleys are rated: 200LB @ 10,000 8′ door cycles.

That is to say, a 8′ tall door weighing 200 pounds ran 10,000 cycles with out failure.

3″ Outside Diameter – 3/8″ Bore – Ball bearing race.

Included in this kit:

4 – 3″ Heavy Duty Pulleys.

2 – Clevis straps with safety cable guide.

4 – 3/8″ X 1-1/2″ Bolt

4 – 3/8″ x 16 Nut

4 – 3/8″ Lock Washer

We offer other pulley kits and have may options for pulleys of different sizes and ratings.

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Replacing the pulleys on your extension spring garage door will make the world of difference in the doors performance. Garage door pulleys are a wear item and do weak out over time. The pulleys included in this kit are superior to OEM – original manufacture equipment.

Replace in sets, replace anytime replacing broken garage door extension springs. Replace anytime replacing a broken or frayed garage door cable.


Please read our tutorial on Garage Door Safety Cables – Click HERE

Garage Door Pulley Kit


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